2022/5/31/Dart/Effective Dart: Design


Effective Dart: Design

Here are some guidelines for writing consistent, usable APIs for libraries.



Naming is an important part of writing readable, maintainable code. The following best practices can help you achieve that goal.


DO use

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In Dart, even functions are objects. Here are some best practices involving functions.


DO use a function declaration to bind a function to a name.

Modern languages have realized how useful local nested functions and closures …

2022/5/30/Dart/Effective Dart/Styleの訳


A surprisingly important part of good code is good style.



Consistent naming, ordering, and formatting helps code that isthe same look the same.



It takes advantage of the powerful pattern-matching hardware most of us …



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* Redistributions of …

2022/5/24/Dart/Intro to Dart for Java Developersの訳


Intro to Dart for Java Developers

1. Introduction

Dart is the programming language for Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop apps from a single codebase.



This codelab introduces you to …