2021/3/5 : Flutter : Navigation and routingの訳

Navigation and routing

To learn about Flutter’s original (1.0) navigation and routing mechanism, see the Navigation recipes in the Flutter cookbook and the Navigator API docs.

The original navigation model uses an imperative approach.


To learn about Flutter’s updated (2.0) navigation and routing mechanism, which uses a declarative approach, see Learning Flutter’s new navigation and routing system.

Flutterのアップデートされたnavigation and routingメカニズム(2.0)を学びたい方は、Learning Flutter’s new navigation and routing system.をご覧ください。



Note that this new mechanism isn’t a breaking change—you can continue to use the original approach if that serves you well.

この変更は破壊的変更(breaking change)ではありません。オリジナルアプローチ(1.0)を使い続けることは可能です。


If you want to implement deep linking, or take advantage of multiple navigators, check out the 2.0 version.

deep linkingを実装したい方や、nultiple navigatorを利用したい方は、2.0バージョンをチェックしてください。





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